The hardware of the Green House windows should be of the highest quality, after all, it is the main load that falls on the opening and closing of the window. Window hardware are responsible for the convenience and functionality of window structures.
Mayer & Co GmbH (MACO) is the leading Austrian manufacturer of hardware for wooden and alu-clad Windows.

Characteristics of MACO Hardware:

✅ the appearance is beautiful and elegant;
✅ 10-year warranty for products, taking into account the 8-fold window opening per day;
✅ high range of adjustment, as well as its simplicity;
✅ the hardware work softly; installation is simple and convenient;
✅- all Maco hardware is universal
✅ you can pick up any additional elements;
✅ three-layer coating - zinc, chromium and beeswax at the molecular level;
✅ he main elements of the hardware for windows have a stiffened rib;
✅ the set of the main mechanism includes a microlift;
✅ the lower hinges can be adjusted to the clamp, in addition to moving the sash horizontally and vertically;
✅ can be used pivots with anti-burglar protection;
✅ there are hardware with a micro-ventilation function ( tilt&turn window)

Hardware by MACO will serve You as long as the Green House wooden windows and for all the time of operation will not appear difficulties when opening-closing windows.

You choose the best when you choose Green House!

The MACO hardware installs on the following window models:Metro 2.0 ,Tilt&Turn single sash и,Tilt&Turn double sash